About Us

Kenneth Lee is an experienced lawyer and a budding blogger. He has extensive experience (well, relatively) in competition law.

Despite the short history of competition law enforcement in Hong Kong (since 14 December 2015), he has acted in a few competition law litigations (both public enforcement and private civil actions) before the Competition Tribunal. He also advises on matters involving investigation brought by the Competition Commission.

But he has always wanted to be a blogger. So, this site is his endeavor to combine his passions with his work. Outside of the legal world, Kenneth is a huge football fan. He can be contacted at kl@kenleekh.com..

William Tse is an IP and competition law enthusiast. Prior to joining the Bar, young William once dreamt of becoming a professional basketball player. Luckily, being at a very ‘competitive’ height of 5 ft 8 (on a very good day), he soon appreciated the insurmountable barriers to entry into the basketball-playing market. Let’s hope that practising competition law in Hong Kong will be different for him. He can be contacted at wt@wsctse.com.

Edward K H Ng thoroughly enjoys his current competition law work. His interest in competition law stems from the fact that he shadowed Lord David Pannick QC in the competition law case of R (Gallaher Group Ltd & Ors) v CMA [2019] AC 96 at the UK Supreme Court prior to joining the Bar. Edward can be contacted at mr.ng.edward@gmail.com.

Kristy Wong is a practising barrister at Andrew Liao SC’s Chambers who is currently developing a predominantly civil practice with an interest and experience in competition law. Looking back, Kristy can now appreciate the irony that her favourite childhood board game was actually Monopoly. She can be contacted at kristywongky@gmail.com.

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