By decisions dated 27 July 2020, the 湖北省市场监督管理局 (“Hubei Administration for Market Regulation”) held that 3 second-hand car dealers in Huanggang (黄冈市) , 黄冈市蓝天旧机动车交易市场有限公司 (“Nantian” [transliteration]), 黄冈奥捷旧机动车交易市场有限公司 (“Ojie” [transliteration]) and 黄冈市发达旧机动车交易市场有限公司 (“Fada” [transliteration]) engaged in a price fixing agreement and market sharing agreement, contrary to 《反垄断法》(“Anti-Monopoly Law”) .

The Hubei Administration for Market Regulation ordered for the cessation of the agreement, and imposed administrative penalties amounting to 4% of each of the company’s revenue for the previous year (¥95,160 for Nantian, ¥84,241 for Ojie and ¥15,774 for Fada respectively). 

The press release and decisions can be found here.

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